“The Bitterroot Gem and Mineral Society was founded in 1983 and follow a Code of Ethics as well as Federation policies. Montana is home to 6 Gem and Mineral Clubs. ​ ”

Club Meetings

We like meeting new people so feel free to visit any meeting or event. Annual Membership fees: Individuals are $10 and Families are $20. You can pay dues at any meeting or mail them to: Bitterroot Gem and Mineral Society P.O. Box 942, Hamilton, MT

Past Events

May 11, 2023

Monthly Meeting

We hold General Meetings once a month, in the Summer on the second Thursday of each month from March through September starting at 6:30 p.m. and During the winter months between October and February, we hold our meetings on the second Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Guests and visitors are welcome at any meeting or function. P.S. The Junior Club meetings are 30 minutes prior to the regular meetings. They study specimens and work on earning badges. Anyone can join in the fun at anytime! All ages are encouraged to attend.

May 1, 2023

Field Trip Schedule 2023

BGMS Field Trips Spring & Summer 2023


April – Still too much snow in the higher Elevations and very Muddy in the slightly lower ones


            27        Dino Tour @ MSU  2:00 pm



            27        Going to Saubau Ranch (with the Bozeman Club) Garnet gravel. A full day over

near Dillon.  When it the time gets closer, we will let everyone know where and what time to meet.  (the date is not yet confirmed, and also may move dependent on the weather – as we were snowed out last year)






            16,17,18 BGMS Rock Show at the Hamilton Fairgrounds!!!!!!


24        Spencer Opal Mine   -           Fee $75 per person per day – gets you 2 ½ gallon buck to fill with you finds (Spencer ID about an hour south of Dillon)




1          Thunder Mountain – Thunder eggs – (I was not feeling well last year, and wasn’t up to doing much digging), looking to try again this year.


8          We will go to Crystal Mountain Fluorite Mine up the Rye Creek Road south of Darby, I still need to verify that this date is good for the owners.


15        N/A


22        N/A


29        Lolo Pass with  the Hellgate Club – Quartz Feldspar, Pyrite, Ore Minerals     




5          Judith Peak – Herkemer’s   This is a long trip 5 ½ hours each way, thinking of staying overnight in Helena, both coming and going as that is only 3 ½ hours each way.


            Alternate – Federation Field trips near Billings – Don’t have any details yet



19        Kemerer WY – Blue Forrest for petrified wood & agate, and looking into the FEE fossil dig.  This is a day drive each way, so plan for at least 3 days depending on what you want to do.


26        Cramer Creek, there are a number of new no trespassing signs down the hill from the power lines, so not everywhere we have picked up things in the past is accessible.  I am looking to try further along in both directions under the power lines.



            5-11     We will go with (Hellgate – Missoula Club) Going to Challis ID for Geodes, Agate, Jasper,

Calcite, fluorite. We will have the time and meeting place sent a week prior to the trip.


            19        Lincoln Mt, Several spots on the Blackfoot River - Jasper, Agate.  I will lead



In Process  -----------


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